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Today is Friday, March 6, 2015

Denver Skin Rejuvenation | Non Surgical Liposuction, Facelift, Anti-Aging

At Advanced Skin and Body Rejuvenation, we specialize in providing you with a progressive, non-invasive approach to your skin and body therapy. As your Denver Skin and Body Rejuvenation, the focus is on renewing and revitalizing your skin and body so that you not only look, but feel, younger and healthier.

We offer Denver medical aesthetics treatments that range from non-surgical facelifts, age-defying European facials, and body sculpting to cosmetic acupuncture. The goal of our age-defying programs is to bring your own unique beauty to the surface. Our advanced skin care treatments, such as non-surgical body sculpting and non-surgical facelifts, help restore the beauty, and inner radiance of your body, and wipe away the detrimental effects of age. We are the only Denver wellness facility to offer Sheerwave technology, the state of the art rejuvenation treatment that utilizes radio frequency to revitalize the skin and rejuvenate the body. Far more affordable and less invasive than plastic surgery treatments, our gentle aesthetics treatments have no down time allowing you to attend all your social engagements and return to work immediately. Our treatments are safe and pain free.

We approach Denver medical aesthetics with you in mind. We will personalize your services to the unique properties of your face and body. We never try to push you beyond your comfort zone.

Advanced Skin and Body Rejuvenation reflects the values of our owner and operator, Dr. Rita J. Cummings, whose two decades of experience have given her an artist’s touch, and expert’s wisdom. Upon your first appointment at Advanced Skin and Body Rejuvenation, we will do a thorough history, skin evaluation, pre-treatment photos, and allow adequate time for you to discuss your concerns with the doctor or the aesthetician.

Learn More About Dr. Rita J Cummings

Heading up our Denver wellness clinic is the owner and operator, Dr. Rita J. Cummings. With more than 2 decades of experience, Dr. Cummings has cultivated a deep knowledge of Denver medical aesthetics and its uses.

Even with this extensive real world experience, Dr. Cummings is still never satisfied with just sitting on her laurels. Dr. Rita J. Cummings is always looking to improve her knowledge of the human body and the treatments which can keep it healthy and young looking. That is why Dr. Cummings’ list of credentials reads like Read More

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Looking for Quality Denver Medical Aesthetics?

You have come to the right place! At Advanced Skin and Body Rejuvenation, we offer you the latest and most effective Denver wellness treatments. Dr. Rita J. Cummings and her expertly trained staff will help clarify exactly what your options are and let you–the only expert who really matters–decide which treatment plan to follow.

Your Denver medical aesthetics plan may include the non-surgical facelift, the age-defying European facial, cosmetic acupuncture, or body sculpting. If you are interested, we can also help you to build a nutritionally balanced program, to increase your energy and help you look your best.

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